Sunday Sport newspaper 25th January 1987

Front page of the Sunday Sport paper 25-1-87Sunday Sport newspaper back cover

Stories inside this edition of the Sunday Sport newspaper, Snob Di shunned, Jerry Hall drug case, Dog that can eat 3 shredded wheat for breakfast, Derby County FC team poster.

Glamour models featuring in this paper: Jenny Blyth, Angie Layne, Fiona Wright, Corina Roma, Maria Bray-spicer, Samantha Wendy, Victoria Jayne, Jenny Wylie,   Hayley Cotton, Tina Small, Kim Roach

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NB Page 26 - 29 are missing from these scans but all other pages intact.


  1. Hi guy. Pages 26-27 and 28-29 are missing. Please can you reup !!!. Thanks in advance.

  2. hi, thanks for point that out, not sure why they are missing are they aren't in our the originals either so they must have been deleted for some reason. Generally its horse racing form and classified ads that are in those pages but if we can restore the full version at some point will do so

  3. Thank you very much UKCC, I hope it can be done.


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