Sunday Sport newspaper 6th September 1987

Front cover page of a vintage Sunday Sport newspaper from September 1987Old Sunday Sport newspaper back cover page from 6th September 1987

Stories inside this vintage Sunday Sport newspaper: Eddie Murphy dodges mafia bullets, 15-year-old schoolgirl sex symbol shocker, Rambo’s ex-wife’s big gob may cost her a cool 3m, Fury at rippers grisly secret.

Models who appear inside this old Sunday Sport newspaper: Zeta Ross, Maria Whittaker, Kate Morgan, Natalie Banus, Amanda Skimpton, Julie Wilson.

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  1. The CBZ file seems to be labelled as 1986, despite it being a 1987 paper. Same with the 20th Sept 1987 issue. Oddly enough, the 27th Sept 1987 issue doesn't continue the Natalie Banus countdown!

  2. Yes I must have made a typo on the dates on when naming the files for those 2 issues. I have fixed that now, thanks for letting me know


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