The Sport Newspaper 9 November 1988

Old Daily Sport newspaper front page dated 9th November 1988

Some of the headlines inside this old Daily Sport newspaper: Fergie Belly dances for Andy, 556 mile journey of lovesick mouse.

Page 3 glamour girls inside this tabloid newspaper: Joanne Ferry, Maria Whittaker, Debbie Brookes, Liz Smith, Sandra Bawn.

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  1. PROBABLY DEAD LINKS but it takes far too long to check - I have checked plenty of others so MY APOLOGIES IF LINK IS STILL ALIVE - I am going through my missing files from 1986 up to 89 but a really large chunk of 1988 files are missing - so I then started from 1989 & went down - SAME THING - I REALLY REALLY dig your posts man - I hope u will re-up but it really is cumbersome so hence the post of explanation :( BTW you had a good thing going with Imagetwist = great site but it is an absolute pain in the ass to navigate - I assume that because Andy posted in 2017 & you did not reply I guess u dont care HOWEVER I will still request a re-up as both spam riddled links are missing - GREAT SITE MAN but cant figure out the why the crazy set up - THANKS for posting Dawn Phoenix Liquid Gold file - I was looking for that for nearly 10 years - see I'm not a complete cunt :)


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